The foundation aims to enhance and support

  1. Assist highland communities develop alternative income sources to enhance sustainability
  2. Develop water resources through small scale projects in communities
  3. Promote alternative agriculture and integrated farming systems
  4. Provide education opportunities for highland communities
  5. Undertake research into community development and disseminate the findings
  6. Collaborate with universities, government departments and non government organisations to improve the sustainability of disadvantaged communities

Operating Principles

  • The foundation will respect the laws and regulations of the land, give due respect to the dignity, values, history, religion and culture of the people with whom it works, consistent with the principles of basic human rights.
  • The foundation will work to address the needs and rights of vulnerable or marginalised people in all aspects of the foundation’s project and development activities.
  • The foundation will not engage in political activities or support political parties or political candidates.
  • The foundation will not engage in evangelistic or missionary activities.