Huai Lue

While working with the village of San Klang in February of this year, we were approached by a village leader from Huai Lue.  We were asked to assist with the repair of an irrigation canal that had been damaged during the previous wet season.  Fifteen families worked the land irrigated by this canal. As a result of this damage, the crops being irrigated by this canal had failed and these families did not earn any income.  Because of a lack of income, the families were unable to buy the materials needed to repair the damaged sections. 

An inspection was made over the length of the canal.  There were two breaks in the stone pitched section next to the stream.  There were also two breaks in the earthworks canal that were caused by road works that would require concrete pipes and a third break caused by a culvert under the road.  This last break required a more technical solution as the culvert was 2.4 metres wide and 1.8 metres in depth. To bridge this gap in the earthworks canal, brackets were designed that would be mounted on the edge of the wing walls of the culvert outlet.  The top of the bracket was recessed to allow a ten inch fibro pipe to sit in it to prevent it from moving.  The four metre long pipe would be anchored onto the bracket by wire.  

A contribution to the cost of materials was negotiated with the villagers and it was agreed to assist Huai Lue.  Thirty bags of cement, seven lengths of fibro pipe and fourteen lengths of concrete pipe were supplied to the village to undertake repairs to the canal.  The work was undertaken by the villagers and the canal is now supplying water to over one hundred rai of padi rice.