Huai Wad

The village of Huai Wad is in Chae Hom district, Lampang Province and is populated by some 370 people of the Lahu ethnic group. This village was also inspected in 2008 and found to be reliant on water being trucked in for six months of the year.  The village had been relocated some five years earlier with each household being provided with a 1500 litre tank which is generally adequate during the wet season. There is no rain during the dry season. 

The foundation worked with the village to build additional storage tanks and provide guttering during 2009.  In 2010, the local Catholic church had organise the excavation of a large well near the Wang River which is below the village. Water would then be pumped from the well to storage tanks above the village.  The foundation asked the village leaders how we might work to improve the water supply system.  They asked for clean water as the Wang River has high levels of turbidity.

Working with the villagers we constructed a 35,000 litre sediment tank and two 5,000 litre sand filters to eliminate the turbidity and any coli form. The cost of diesel for pumping remains a challenge for the village at present however we have been liaising with the government’s district office and have been advised that electricity will soon be supplied to the village.  This will reduce the cost of pumping significantly. This work was completed in March 2010 at a cost of 80,000 baht.