Pong Hai

The village on Pong Hai is in Mae Ai district, Chiang Mai Province  and is comprised of approximately 450 people of the Lahu hill tribe ethnic group. An inspection of the water supply system at Pong Hai in 2008 was found to have high levels of turbidity and unacceptable levels of coli form. The main storage tank contained nearly a half a metre of sediment and it was constructed at a level that was lower than many of the houses in the village. The houses that are lower than the main storage tank had such low pressure that no water came from the taps at peak times.

The remedy this problem, the foundation working with the villagers constructed six concrete tanks with a combined capacity of 20,000 litres on a hill well above the village.  A disused pipeline was realigned to carry water from a clean water source to the storage tanks and an additional 200metres of PVC pipe were supplied to enable the tanks to be connected to the new source.  A two and a half inch pipeline was then laid 700metres from the tanks to the village and a loop formed in the village to equalise the pressure. Work was completed on this system in April 2010 at a cost of 90,000 baht.

Pong Hai now has a safe, sustainable water supply with good pressure at all times.