San Klang

The village of San Klang is located in Tambon Huai Chompoo, Muang District, Chiang Rai Province  and is populated by approximately 130 people of the Ahka hill tribe ethnic group. When the village water supply was inspected in 2010, it was found to consist of two leaking concrete tanks that were situated in the village at level with most of the houses.  This resulted in low pressure. The tanks a supplied through a one inch pipe from a small stream around five kilometres from the village.

In consultation with the village leaders, it was agreed to build four new concrete tanks on the hill near the village to increase storage capacity and to provide pressure.  It was also agreed to lay a two and a half inch pipe line to provide a distribution loop for the top section of the village and a two inch distribution line for the lower section. Work on this system was completed in June this year at a cost of 90,000 baht.